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Solar Panel Installers in Suffolk

At FTL Electrical, we are a specialist team of electrical engineers based in Saxmundham, offering our professional solar panel services to all property owners residing throughout the area, who are looking to switch to a renewable energy system. Our engineers have been working in the industry for many years, making us vastly experienced in solar panel systems. This allows us to achieve first-class results with every solar panel service we undertake, no matter how big or small the job may be. 

Solar energy is known for being one of the most reliable, cost-effective energy system options. Unlike other energy sources, solar panel systems rely on natural sunlight to power the electrics. The solar PV energy system is comprised of numerous solar panels that absorb direct sunlight through solar PV cells. This energy is then transferred into electrical charges, transmitted throughout the property. Therefore, it could be said that solar panels are one of the most reliable energy sources available with the sun consistently shining, all day every day. 

Solar energy systems are renowned for their many qualities, including:

  1. Reliable energy source 
  2. Decreases energy consumption 
  3. Lowers energy costs 
  4. Improves carbon footprint
  5. Option to store battery 
  6. Low maintenance 
  7. And so much more.

At FTL Electrical, our electricians are highly skilled in planning and installing solar panel systems, which ensures all of our services are completed with optimal accuracy and safety. We begin each service with a call out to the property to assess and determine the number of panels required based on the sizing of the property, as well as the most suitable positioning to absorb the sunlight. This rigorous planning process makes all of our solar PV services bespoke to each property, ensuring our customers get the very most out of their new solar panel system. 

Our engineers are up to date on all health and safety regulations and therefore ensure all standards and guidelines are complied with for the entire duration of all services carried out by us. Therefore, when undergoing your solar panel service with our team, you can be sure that your property and new solar panels will be in safe hands from the moment we start to the moment we finish. 

For more details regarding our solar panel services at FTL Electrical, give us a call on 07880792102.